The Money Intensive,

                                                              Drop the BS & Step into your next level of income


                                                                 Sarah Hunter

                                                                      Money | Business | Mindset

The Money Intensive,

Drop the BS & Level Up


Sarah Hunter

Money | Business | Mindset

You're tired of

~Saying Money Mantra's or Affirmations

~Thinking positively and staying high vibe

~Books & Podcasts

~Vision boards

It's still not changing your BS beliefs .......because superficial money mindset doesn't work!!

When it comes to money, there are deeper patterns at play.... your ancestors, your childhood....

Introducing you to.....


The Money Intensive

Drop the BS & Step into your next level of income


Just a little of what's been possible for other clients:

Releasing any guilt or scarcity in old money stories

Increased capacity to hold more clients

Holding bigger amounts of income

Charging aligned prices  

Rewriting their money story

Feeling in alignment (worthy, confident & capable) with a new money paradigm

Stepping into their next level income... 10k, 20k, 100k months.........


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This is money mentoring like you’ve not experienced before. 

Tapping into your potential, the results are limitless....

For the woman ready to upgrade her relationship with money.

You understand that activating the next level of your income won’t be found in a book but in the depths of you.

When you’re already creating five figure months, the expansion comes in subtle shifts and nuance.

That’s where I come in.


A deep dive into the patterns that are holding you back from your next level of wealth:

Ancestral connections

Inner child experience

Parental influences

Sisterhood wounds

This is for you if.....


You're so f*cking ready to drop the old beliefs, the doubts and questioning yourself

You know that your business is capable of so much more, it's in touching distance

You can feel that you're on the edge of that six figure year, however there's a 'but' stopping you

You're ready to once and for all be done with the old narrative and start this next phase in your wealth story


I consistently guide my clients through huge breakthroughs, helping them to move forward from old BS money stories and unlocking the next level of their potential.

It's time to transform the narrative, it’s time to re-write your money story. 

I'm now opening spaces for those ready to collapse time and create real transformation.

This is only for the self led action takers.

Because your business growth all comes back to your relationship with money. 

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