Transformational Confidence

I will help you to step into your most confident self!

This incredible confidence bundle will help you to overcome self doubt and release any limiting beliefs that are currently blocking you from your most confident self.

I will help you to reprogramme your subconscious mind, connect to your deepest desires and become that confident, empowered woman that you desire to be! 

Bundle includes:

Welcome video

A beautiful handbook to guide your journey (including journal prompts)

2 Hypnotherapy audios that will help you to release blocks and limiting beliefs and connect with your most confident, empowered future self!

A bonus sleep audio to boost your confidence whilst you drift into a relaxing, deep sleep.

I'm in!

Transformational confidence by coach and mentor Sarah Hunter

Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

Hey, I'm Sarah and I have hundreds of hours of study and experience with clients. 

These powerful audios will help you step into self confidence and connect to the vision of what's available to you when you believe in yourself!

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Reflection and expansion

Connecting to your vision

Bonus Sleep audio

Handbook with journal prompts

"I know you said you were not a magician, but our hypnotherapy sessions were magical and transformed my life on so many levels."



"Truly Transformational!! The first time I participated in a hypnotherapy session with Sarah I was hooked!"