Powerful Sleep audios

Imagine reprogramming your mind whilst you sleep.

That's exactly what you'll be doing with this powerful bundle of sleep audios! 

If you currently have trouble switching off your mind after a day of work, if you find it difficult to relax or if you simply wish to have a deeper, more peaceful sleep- then this bundle of hypnotherapy audios is for you! 

Not only will these beautiful audios help to guide you into a deep sleep, but they will also help you to connect with your desires and reprogramme your subconscious mind. If you aren't already aware, our subconscious makes up for 95% of our mind, so if you are looking to create any changes in your life, it's best to start with the subconscious. 


Inside this incredible bundle you will have access to:

Five powerful 1 hour audios that will guide you to deep relaxation and enable you to drift into a restful sleep. 

A way to transform your sleep and improve your mindset at the same time!

A beautiful way to improve your sleep quality, relax your mind and body and feel a greeter sense of wellbeing during your day. 

I'm in!

Powerful sleep audios by coach and mentor Sarah Hunter

Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

Hey, I'm Sarah and I have hundreds of hours of study and experience with clients. So many souls in my community mention poor sleeping habits, finding it difficult to switch off at night and not being able to relax- which is exactly the reason I created these sleep audios! I know you will love them, you can thank me in the morning!

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"What can I say!! Sarah is magic!

Her ability to make you feel safe, supported, loved and nourished is remarkable.... I got in touch with Sarah and I purchased her sleep hypnotherapy bundle, the instant you hear Sarah’s calming, gentle and soothing voice it feels like a warm hug. Every night since using the deep sleep meditations both my daughter and I have drifted into the deepest sleep and woke up feeling so much more refreshed. I have never got to the end of the recording! .....With Sarah’s guidance you are in the safest of hands!!

Highly highly recommend!!"