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Six figure entrepreneurs: Anchor into your next level of clients and cash 

Incredible free hypnosis for female coaches who are ready to increase their capacity for more. 

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Calibration hypnosis.


Includes 2 incredible audios:

Magnetize: Become a magnet to your launch goals

 Realignment: Step off the emotional roller coaster and realign with your launch goals


  • Re-program your mind and support your nervous system in less than 15 minutes a day
  • Align to the successful launch that you know you're capable of
  • Expand your capacity to receive your goals (clients and cash)
  • Feel anchored in your power

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Is this you?

You are consistently hitting those multiple five figure months but desire more. You're ready for that six figure launch. 

You have successful offers but you keep hitting the same ball park of clients or cash. You've starting to slip into those old doubts, comparison and it is just NOT the vibe you're down for. Does it feel frustrating? Because we both know you're capable of so much more. 

Simply put, you've met your energetic maximum; And these audios are going to transform that. By immersing yourself in these powerful hypnosis everyday, you will connect with the vision of your wildly successful launch, expand your capacity to receive, and reprogram your mind to manifest those goals.

These incredible audios will become part of your daily routine

  • Listen daily to become wildly magnetic to your goals
  • Use the second audio during your launch to support your nervous system and subconscious
  • Reprogram your subconscious with a Master Hypnotherapist
I want in!

Hi I’m Sarah.

I work with premium coaches to support their subconscious mind and regulate their nervous system.

Find freedom from outdated BS beliefs, cleanse energetic blocks, break through glass ceilings and create wildly magnetic launches. I merge the power of mindset and energetics to help bold leaders align to their goals.


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