Connect to a deep sense of calm, releasing any overwhelm or feelings of anxiety. I will be guiding powerful practices so that your mind, body and soul feels able to relax, feels grounded and deeply nourished. 

This was originally held live, but is now available as as a self led course for you to enjoy whenever you need to feel calmer, more relaxed and more at peace within. 


Inside this incredible course you will have access to:

7 practices to feel calmer, sleep better and improve your mindset.

Including breathing practices, meditations and hypnotherapy


I'm in!

Feel held and supported by coach and mentor Sarah Hunter

Clinical Hypnotherapist. Breathwork practitioner. Meditation teacher. 

Hey, I'm Sarah and I have hundreds of hours of study and experience with clients. So many souls in my community were feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and finding it difficult to switch off busy minds- so I decided to create a beautiful 7 day mini-course so that you can feel calmer, sleep better and feel so much better within.

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"I’ve loved it all, ........You know how I LOVE hypnotherapy!!"

"I feel so much better than at the beginning of the week"